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Knowledge courtesy of Professor Booty.

Knowledge courtesy of Professor Booty.


GreenPeace - The forest can’t defend itself

Advertising Agency : Rethink, Vancouver, Canada

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Let me consult my calendar.

Let me consult my calendar.

They’re perfect. Just like this show.

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Well I was thinking, we don’t really have any photographs of us. I thought this song could be like a photograph, that captures us in this moment in our lives together.”

When this scene happened, all I could say was: “Perfect.”

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To the ends of the earth, won’t you follow me? There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see.

To the ends of the earth, won’t you follow me?
There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see.


Now that I’ve seen Her…

I’m not sure why it didn’t win everything.


By and large I had it coming
I recall the tremble in your eye
I just want to make it better
I just want to make it right

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Did You Miss Me?

Some theories on what the fuck is going to happen in S4.

1) The “Mycroft Loves Sherlocks SOOOO MUCH” Theory

It’s a complete fake-out. It was just something Moriarty arranged to play in the eventuality of his death or some shit like that. A couple people were saying the message means nothing and was a way for the writers to involve Moriarty and crank the suspense up.Corollary: This could be an attempt by Mycroft to save Sherlock from going on this supposed fatal mission. A scheme completely assembled by Sherlock’s brother because of the “Your loss would break my heart” line.
IF THIS IS THE CASE: Everyone pay close close attention to the activities of Andrew Scott (Moriarty). They filmed fake Moriarty scenes for S3E1, who’s to say they won’t do the same thing but in a crazier way where it makes sense to the plot.

2) The “Moriarty’s Back!” Theories
Moriarty actually faked his own suicide. This opens up two interesting avenues of story: a) Sherlock knew. In which case, he just didn’t tell anyone because it was of mutual benefit for some reason. Shippers can do what they like with that. I don’t believe this is the case and I’m not subscribing to the whole body double and Sherlock and Moriarty kissing on the roof theory that appeared in S3E1.
b) Sherlock didn’t know. More interesting because it would infuriate Sherlock that he’d been fooled by Moriarty at close range and at great cost. This would also mean Moriarty had reassembled some kind of network under Sherlock’s nose. Personally, I hope this one’s true because I really really really want more Moriarty, but at the same time…if he’s dead, he’s dead. They’ve proved this season that they can figure out ways to get him back on the show. Mainly through Sherlock’s Mind Palace.
IF THIS IS THE CASE: We’ll see steady involvement from Andrew Scott throughout the entire production process and another entire season of Moriarty madness would be incredible.

3) The “Sherlock is smarter than everyone in England” Theory
Sherlock had some plan for the eventuality that he was being forced out of England by the government and had someone in his network — perhaps his new “protege” Bill — carry out the steps to broadcasting this message that Sherlock thought up long ago. It’s just Sherlock’s insurance policy so he can be back in merry London.
IF THIS IS THE CASE: Expect fake scenes from Andrew Scott…that’s pretty much all of these.

4) The “Some people read the books and make connections” Theory
In the Sherlock literary canon, Moriarty’s personal history can be a bit confusing. On only one occasion is Moriarty even given a first name, and that name is James, which just so happens to be the name of {drumroll} Moriarty’s brother. That’s right. Moriarty has a brother…or at least a sibling. They could easily be equally as evil or diabolical…or just thirsty for revenge. So…another two possibilities exist for this:
a) We’ve already met said sibling. This opens the door for some kind of weird reveal or something over the top dramatic that would barely even make sense. But I enjoy this particular theory from IntrospectiveNights.


I think Janine is Moriarty’s sister.

The most obvious support to this is her accent, they’re both Irish. But they both act very similar around him. Her veiled threat when she left the hospital room about how he’d regret treating her how he did and that they could have been friends just seemed very Moriarty-esque to me.

Plus with that twist at the end!

b) We haven’t met this sibling. This means we get a whole new person. Anything could happen. Crazy cool castings are possible. We can only hope that Tom Hiddleston plays James Moriarty (the other one…the brother). And the fandom as we know it plummets into absolute freefall as ovaries everywhere explode because there would be actual dialogue between Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston.
IF THIS IS THE CASE: If it’s option a….I’m really not sure what to expect. She was an okay distraction of a character but I’m not sure she’s capable of being menacing enough to be a good villain. If it is option b, batten down the hatches and prepare for a ride. Anything and everything could happen. Hold out hope for Hiddleston.

The wait begins.

The game, while still on, is paused.